It's no secret at all

    Copyright Malcolm Dew-Jones

It's no secret at all the very world would be too small to hide a secret such as this to hide the secret of our first kiss it's love we share we are destined to care but that's no secret at all There are no secrets between us nothing to hide from those who've seen us no reason to be afraid of the choices that we have made I stand here now I am ready to vow our love shall be no secret at all our love must be no secret at all There was a time to be careful a time when love could be hurtful a chance it could still be deceitful that time has past now I'm sure our love will last forever It is no secret that binds us and I thank God love could find us and I can hardly believe I was scared in case the threat of love might force you to leave behind the chance for you and I to share this wondrous first kiss here at the very start from now till death do us part the secret here in my heart I can share it with you