READER en Francais

The (no longer unique) hypertext book that helps you learn french.

A collection of French short stories and additional reading material.

These files are most of the reading material from the Atari ST program "Reader en Francais" first released in 1990. The documents provided here have a dictionary lookup available for each word and a simplified version of the personalized history and cross reference search features that were the essential feature of the original product. Unfortunately compound words are not properly tagged in this version. The good news is that some of the documents now include audio! (Sound tracks thanks to my daughters).

Every word is a link in the French documents. This is not emphasized in the documents because hiliting each link makes the documents harder to read.

Angoisse: Stéphane Mallarmé A poem.
Annie: Guillaume Apollinaire A poem.
L'Aventure de Walter Schnaffs: Guy de Maupassant A story.
Brise Marine: Stéphane Mallarmé A poem.
Certitude: Paul Eluard A poem.
Clair de Lune: Guy de Maupassant A story.
Il Pleure dans mon Coeur: Paul Verlaine A poem.
La Fumée de la Cantine: Guillaume Apollinaire A poem.
La Main: Guy de Maupassant A story.
La Morte: Guy de Maupassant A story.
La Partie de Trictrac: Mérimée A story.
La Parure: Guy de Maupassant A story.
Les Etoiles: Alphonse Daudet A story.
Le Chat: Guillaume Apollinaire A poem.
Le Dormeur du Val: Arthur Rimbaud A poem.
Le Rendez-Vous: Guy de Maupassant A story.
Liberté: Paul Éluard A poem.
L'Enlèvement de la Redoute: Mérimée A story.
Renouveau: Stéphane Mallarmé A poem.
Sensation: Arthur Rimbaud A poem.
Soupir: Stéphane Mallarmé A poem.
Un Coup D'Etat: Guy de Maupassant A story.
Vision de Charles XI: Mérimée A story.

KEYBOARD-SHORTCUTS.txt Downloadable ZIP file containing all the files.