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J.E.Dew - Jones. P.Eng.
Anyone who is concerned with our environment or the way our tax dollars are spent should make this mandatory reading.
Dr.Jack Littlepage, Associate Professore of Biology
"There are in fact two things, science and opinion: the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance"
Hippocrates c.430 BC


This book was read in draft form by Dr.John W.Rogers, retired medical health officer, and by the following, each of whom hold positions at the University of Victoria:- Dr.Derek Ellis, Professor of Biology, Dr.Jack Littlepage, Assosciate Professor of Biology, Dr.A Kirk, Professor of Chemistry and Dr.Martin Hocking, Associate Professor of Chemistry.

I wish to thank them for their suggestions for improving the book, which have been invaluable.

Responsibility for the book's contents, however, remain entirely with the author.

[back cover]

This booklet should be made mandatory reading for all local politicians, especially the members of the CRD

Dr.J.W.Rogers, retired medical halth officer

"Victoria's Sewage Circus" attacks the conventional wisdom about sewage disposal in Victoria. All taxpayers should read it and judge for themselves where they want to spend their dollars. It is a very good enjoyable read. Ted Dew-Jones nicely exposes the political pressures that are currnetly in force in the victoria area over sewage disposal. As an engineer he understands the technicalities, and has crafted his book to be understandable.

Dr.Derek Ellis, Professor of Biology

This book should be riority reading for any Victoria resident who wishes to know the details of the pros and cons of the choices Victoria resident now face.

Dr.Martin Hocking, Associate Professor of Chemistry

The author is a professional engineer who worked for a major firm of consulting engineers in Londond, England, first came to this country in 1954 and joined the Provincial Pollution Control Branch in 1968. This became the Waste Management Branch of the Ministry of Environment, in which Dew-Jones held various management positions dealing with municipal waste until his retierment inn 1985. His hobbies are piano playing and wine making.

$6.95 Canada
$5.95 U.S.A.

copyright c 1991 J.E.Dew - Jones

published b J.E.Dew-Jones, 63 Dock Street, Victoria, B.C. V8V 1Z9

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